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The articles on MyPathologyReport are written by pathologists and reviewed by our team of patient advisers before going online. Our subspeciality leads help to ensure that our articles are accurate and up to date.  If you have any questions about our team, please contact us.


Jason Wasserman

Dr. Jason Wasserman, MD PhD FRCPC


Content experts

Zuzanna Gorski

Dr. Zuzanna Gorski, MD

Medical illustrator and contributor

Dr. Bibianna Purgina, MD FRCPC

Bone and soft tissue pathology

Dr. Trevor Flood, MD FRCPC

Genitourinary pathology

Dr. Phil Berardi, MD FRCPC


Dr. Allison Osmond, MD FRCPC


Dr. Sarah Strickland, MD FRCPC

Breast and gynecological pathology

Dr. Aleks Paliga, MD FRCPC

Hematopathology and gynecological pathology

Dr. Aurelia Busca, MD FRCPC

Gynecological pathology

Dr. Cathryn Lapedis, MD

Medical kidney pathology

Patient advisers


Stacey Pollock Bar-Ziv, PhD


Robin McGee, PhD

Caroll Carkner

Caroll Carkner

Kathryn Dorrell

Kathryn Dorrell

Julie Vizza

Julie Vizza

Michele Mitchell

Sarah Tupica Berard

Sarah Tupica Berard

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