December 16, 2023


Adenomyosis is a non-cancerous condition characterized by the presence of glands within the muscular wall of an organ. It is commonly seen in the uterus and the gallbladder. Another term used to describe this condition is ‘adenomyoma’. The cause of adenomyosis in both the uterus and gallbladder is presently unknown.

The symptoms of adenomyosis depend on where in the body the condition occurs. In the uterus, this condition can cause symptoms such as abnormal vaginal bleeding and pain. It is normally described in a pathology report after the uterus has been removed for another condition such as a leiomyoma (fibroid) or cancer. In the gallbladder, this condition does not usually cause any symptoms and is found after the gallbladder is removed due to a long-standing inflammation of the gallbladder or chronic cholecystitis.

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