cartilage cancer

Clear cell chondrosarcoma

What is clear cell chondrosarcoma? Clear cell chondrosarcoma is a slow-growing type of cancer made up of cartilage. This type of cancer is typically found in the femur (long bone of the leg) or the humerus (long bone of the arm) where it affects the epiphysis (end of the bone). What is cartilage? Cartilage is …
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Central atypical cartilaginous tumour

A central atypical cartilaginous tumour (ACT) is a type of bone cancer. The tumour is called “cartilaginous” because it is made up of cartilage-producing cells. Cartilage is a type of connective tissue normally found throughout the body. These tumours start on the inside of a bone in a space called the “medulla”. Another name for …
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