Atypical endometrial hyperplasia

What is atypical endometrial hyperplasia? Atypical endometrial hyperplasia (AEH) is a precancerous condition associated with an abnormally thick endometrium. It is considered a precancerous condition because over time it can turn into a type of endometrial cancer called endometrioid adenocarcinoma. Another name for this condition is endometrioid intraepithelial neoplasia. Does atypical endometrial hyperplasia mean cancer? …
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Endometrial polyp

What is an endometrial polyp? An endometrial polyp is a non-cancerous growth found on the inside of the uterus. The polyp sticks out from the thin layer of tissue on the inside uterus called the endometrium. The polyp is made up of an increased number of otherwise normal-appearing endometrial glands and stroma. What causes an …
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Atrophic endometrium

What does atrophic endometrium mean? Atrophic endometrium is a term used to describe endometrial tissue that is smaller and less active than normal endometrial tissue. It is a non-cancerous change and is very common in post-menopausal women. This change results from a process called atrophy. Pathologists also use the term inactive endometrium to describe an …
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