endometrioid adenocarcinoma

Endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma

What is endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma? Endometrial endometrioid adenocarcinoma is a type of cancer that starts in a part of the uterus called the endometrium. It is the most common type of endometrial cancer among adult women. A similar tumour, also called endometrioid carcinoma, can be found in the ovary. What are the symptoms of endometrial …
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Endometrioid carcinoma of the ovary

What is endometrioid carcinoma of the ovary? Endometrioid carcinoma is a type of ovarian cancer. Most endometrioid carcinomas are associated with a condition called endometriosis. Endometriosis is the presence of endometrial tissue (which is normally found in the uterus) outside of the uterus and the ovary is a common location to find endometriosis. About 1% …
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