What are hepatocytes? A hepatocyte is a type of cell that is found in the liver. What do hepatocytes do? Hepatocytes are very active and versatile cells that help to keep the body healthy and balanced. They are also able to regenerate when they are damaged or lost. The functions of a hepatocyte include: Making …
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What is the liver? The liver is an organ found in the right upper part of your abdominal cavity. It is responsible for removing toxins, processing medications, and producing substances such as bile that are essential for breaking down and using food. The liver contains multiple types of cells which make up its structure and …
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Ballooning hepatocyte

What is a ballooning hepatocyte? Hepatocytes are specialized cells that make up most of the liver. A ballooning hepatocyte is a term pathologists use to describe a damaged or dying hepatocyte. They are called ‘ballooning’ because the hepatocyte swells to several times its normal size and the body of the cell becomes clear. What conditions …
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