high grade

High grade dysplasia

What does high grade dysplasia mean? High grade dysplasia is an abnormal pattern of growth that can turn into cancer over time. This change is described as “high grade” because the cells look very abnormal when examined under the microscope. Does high grade dysplasia mean cancer? High grade dysplasia does not mean cancer but if …
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High grade

What does high grade mean? In pathology, high grade is used to describe cells that look very abnormal when examined under the microscope. In order to determine if a group of cells are high grade, pathologists typically compare the abnormal-looking cells to the cells normally found in that part of the body. The term high …
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What does grade mean? Grade is a word pathologists use to describe the difference between abnormal cells and the normal, healthy cells they have replaced. The most common use for the word grade is to describe the difference between cancer cells and normal, healthy cells. However, pathologists also use this word to describe the changes seen in pre-cancerous and …
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