This article was last reviewed and updated on May 31, 2018 by Stephanie Reid, MD FRCPC Quick facts: Steatohepatitis is liver disease where droplets of fat are found inside the cells normally found in the liver. The liver cells also show signs of injury and cells from the immune system are often found nearby. The …
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Liver: Autoimmune hepatitis

This article was last reviewed on December 17, 2018 by Stephanie Reid, MD FRCPC Quick facts: Autoimmune hepatitis is a liver disease caused by cells from the immune system attacking and damaging the cells in the liver. It happens to both women and men but it is three times more common in women. The liver The …
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What are inflammatory cells?

Inflammatory cells are part of the body’s natural defense response to injury or disease. Inflammatory cells have many roles in the body – they may be responsible for destroying and eliminating a disease (such as virus), calling other inflammatory cells to respond to the disease, or helping the body remember the disease so it can …
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