low grade

Dysplasia in the stomach

What does dysplasia in the stomach mean? Dysplasia in the stomach (gastric dysplasia) is a precancerous change that can turn into a type of stomach cancer called adenocarcinoma over time. Another name for this condition is glandular intraepithelial neoplasia. Where in the stomach does dysplasia start? Dysplasia in the stomach starts from specialized epithelial cells …
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Low grade dysplasia

What is low grade dysplasia? Low grade dysplasia is an abnormal pattern of growth that can turn into cancer over time. This change is described as “low grade” because the abnormal cells look like normal, healthy cells when examined under the microscope. Does low grade dysplasia mean cancer? Low grade dysplasia does not mean cancer …
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Low grade

What does low grade mean? In pathology, low grade is used to describe cells that look abnormal when examined under the microscope but still share some features with normal, healthy cells. In order to determine if cells are low grade, pathologists often compare the abnormal-looking cells to the cells normally found in that part of …
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In pathology, “grade” is a term used to describe the appearance and behavior of cells within a tissue sample, typically cancerous tumors and precancerous conditions but also some noncancerous conditions. Grade is important because it provides clues about the potential for disease progression and guides treatment decisions. Grading in cancer In the context of cancer, …
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