plantar fibromatosis

Plantar fibromatosis

What is plantar fibromatosis? Plantar fibromatosis is a non-cancerous growth found on the flexor (sole) side of the foot. Another name for this condition is Ledderhose disease. Is plantar fibromatosis a type of cancer? No. Plantar fibromatosis is a non-cancerous growth. What is the difference between plantar¬†fibromatosis and palmar fibromatosis? These two conditions are very …
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Superficial fibromatosis

What is superficial fibromatosis? Superficial fibromatosis is a non-cancerous tumour made up of a specialized type of connective tissue called fibrous tissue. What are the types of superficial fibromatosis? Palmar fibromatosis Palmar fibromatosis is a type of superficial fibromatosis that affects the palm (inside surface) of the hand. It is also called Dupuytren’s contracture. Palmar …
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