skin cancer

Lentigo maligna

What is lentigo maligna? Lentigo maligna is a non-invasive type of skin cancer made up of specialized cells called melanocytes. Another name for lentigo maligna is melanoma in situ. If left untreated, lentigo maligna can turn into an invasive type of skin cancer called lentigo maligna melanoma. Where does lentigo maligna start? Lentigo maligna starts …
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Invasive melanoma of the skin

Invasive melanoma is a common type of skin cancer made up of cells called melanocytes. This type of skin cancer is more common in people with light skin tones who have a history of long-term sun exposure. Where does invasive melanoma start? Invasive melanoma starts from specialized cells called melanocytes normally found in a part …
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