Who can I talk to about my pathology report?

As a patient you are encouraged to become an active member of your health care team and often that means asking questions about your pathology report.

Your report has been prepared by a pathologist and it contains important information that will help guide your medical care. While many patients do not meet their pathologist directly, your pathologist is an important member of your your medical team and is available to discuss your report with you. You can contact your pathologist directly to arrange an appointment or to talk about your report over the phone. The name of your pathologist can be found at the bottom of your report and a phone number for the department is usually listed near the top of the report.

Your other doctors will also read your report and some will probably discuss it with you in person. Most doctors are familiar with pathology reports and they are usually happy to discuss the details of your report with you.

It is important that if you have any questions or concerns regarding your pathology report, that you discuss them with a member of your health care team.

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