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Updated: March 24, 2023

What is MyPathologyReport? is a medical education resource created by doctors to help you read and understand your pathology report.

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Diagnosis Library

Our Diagnosis Library is a collection of patient-friendly articles for more than 400 of the most common pathologic diagnoses. Each article will help you understand what the diagnosis means and how the information found in your pathology report will impact your care.

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Pathology Dictionary

Our patient-friendly Pathology Dictionary provides definitions for the most common terms and phrases used by pathologists in pathology reports. The Pathology Dictionary includes explanations for many of the most commonly used pathology tests and diagnostic markers.

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Pathology FAQ

Quickly find answers to the most frequently asked questions about pathology reports. Answers written by our experts and reviewed by our team of patient advisers.

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biphasic salivary gland neoplasm

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Biphasic salivary gland tumour

A biphasic salivary gland neoplasm is a tumour that arises in one of the salivary glands. It is called biphasic because it is made up of two distinct populations of cells: luminal cells (ductal cells) and abluminal cells (basal cells or myoepithelial cells).

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