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Updated: May 25, 2021.

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Our team of doctors have written articles to help you read and understand your pathology report. These articles cover more than 300 of the most common conditions and can be searched by diagnosis name or area of the body involved.

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We have created a patient friendly pathology dictionary to help you understand the most common words and phrases used by pathologists in pathology reports. The dictionary is updated monthly with new words and we are always looking for suggestions.

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How to read your COVID-19 test report

How to read your surgical pathology report

A surgical pathology report describes the results for most types of tissue samples including those from the skin, breast, digestive tract, ovary, prostate.

This article will introduce you to the parts of a typical surgical pathology report.

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How to read your bone marrow pathology report

Bone marrow is the tissue found at the centre of a bone. A biopsy is commonly performed to look for diseases of the blood and bone marrow.

This article will help you understand the parts of a typical bone marrow pathology report.

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How to read your Pap test pathology report

The Pap test is a screening test that looks for abnormal cells in the cervix.

This article will provide an introduction to the Pap test including an explanation of why and how the test is performed. Results including normal, abnormal, and inadequate will also be described.


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What is MyPathologyReport?

MyPathologyReport.ca is a freely accessible medical education tool created by doctors to help you read and understand your pathology report. We have created resources that will help you make sense of your diagnosis and the most important information described in your report.

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