Adipose tissue

December 16, 2023

adipose tissue

Adipose tissue, commonly known as fat, exists throughout our bodies. We find it in large quantities under the skin, where it’s known as subcutaneous adipose tissue, and in the abdomen, where it covers and protects our internal organs. Under microscopic examination, this type of tissue is made up of large round cells. The cells typically appear clear because the fat that fills the cytoplasm (body) of the cell is removed during routine processing of the tissue.

Tumours made up of adipose tissue

Tumors can consist of adipose tissue too. Non-cancerous tumors made of this tissue are lipomas. The most common lipoma types include spindle cell lipoma, angiolipoma, and intramuscular lipoma. This type of tissue can also form cancerous tumors, known as liposarcomas. The most common type of liposarcoma is the well-differentiated liposarcoma. Other types include dedifferentiated liposarcoma and myxoid liposarcoma.

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