What does myxoid mean?

Myxoid is a word pathologists use to describe connective tissue that looks more blue or purple compared to normal connective tissue when examined under the microscope. The type of connective tissue that usually shows myxoid type change is called the stroma.

myxoid and normal stroma

What causes tissue to look myxoid?

Myxoid change can be seen inside of a tumour or in tissue that is reacting to another process such as an injury or inflammation. When seen inside of a tumour, the myxoid tissue is usually made by the tumour cells. Because myxoid change can be seen in a variety of different circumstances, it is not a diagnosis by itself. It is a description that pathologists use to help support a diagnosis.

Myxoid tumours

Some types of tumours always show myxoid stroma and the word myxoid or “myxo” may appear in the name of the diagnosis. Examples include non-cancerous tumours such as myxomas and cancers such as myxoid liposarcoma.

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