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Candida esophagitis

What is Candida esophagitis? Candida esophagitis is a medical condition caused by infection of the esophagus by the fungus Candida. The infection leads to inflammation which damages tissue on the inside of the esophagus. Other names for this condition include esophageal candidiasis and thrush. What causes Candida esophagitis? Candida esophagitis is caused by infection of …
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Ask a Pathologist

Do you have a question about your pathology report? Our team is available to help. Use the form below to send us your question. At the present time, our team is only able to answer questions submitted in English. Please note: We do not have access to your medical records or test results. If you …
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In pathology, the term “focal” refers to something that is localized or limited to a specific area or spot, rather than being diffusely spread out or affecting a large area of tissue. When used to describe disease processes, abnormalities, or lesions, “focal” indicates that the changes or effects are confined to one or relatively small, …
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