bile duct hamartoma

von Meyenburg complex

What is a von Meyenburg complex? A von Meyenburg complex is a type of non-cancerous liver tumour called a hamartoma. For this reason, another name for a von Meyenburg complex is a bile duct hamartoma. Pathologists often describe a von Meyenburg complex as a malformation to differentiate it from other kinds of tumours. von Meyenburg …
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Bile duct hamartoma

What is a bile duct hamartoma? A bile duct hamartoma is a non-cancerous liver tumour made up of disorganized bile ducts.  The cells in a hamartoma are disorganized and have no function. Another name for this tumour is a von Meyenburg complex. Bile duct hamartoma is a common type of liver tumour seen in approximately …
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