Well differentiated liposarcoma

by Bibianna Purgina, MD FRCPC, updated on November 19, 2019. Quick facts: Well differentiated liposarcoma is a cancer made up of fat. It can start anywhere in the body but the most common location is the abdomen. This tumour affects adults and rarely happens in children. Normal fat The human body is made up of …
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Muscle – Rhabdomyosarcoma

by Jason Wasserman, MD FRCPC, updated on November 20, 2019. Quick facts: Rhabdomyosarcoma is cancer made up of abnormal muscle cells. It is a type of cancer called a sarcoma. Most rhabdomyosarcomas occur in children although it can also happen in adults. There are different types of rhabdomyosarcoma including embryonal, alveolar, pleomorphic, and spindle cell/sclerosing. …
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