Spitz nevus

What is a Spitz nevus? A Spitz nevus (more than one are called nevi) is a relatively rare non-cancerous type of skin tumour. Spitz nevus is part of a group of skin tumours that are commonly called moles. Spitz nevi tend to grow quickly at first, forming pink or brown coloured bumps on the surface …
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Basal cell carcinoma of the skin

What is basal cell carcinoma? Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is a type of skin cancer. It starts from specialized basal cells that are normally found near the surface of the skin. BCC is the most common human cancer. Most tumours occur in older adults on sun-exposed skin. The cancer cells in BCC rarely spread to …
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Congenital nevus

What is a congenital nevus? A congenital nevus is a common non-cancerous tumour made up of melanocytes. A congenital nevus looks dark because it is made up of melanocytes that are producing a lot of melanin. Congenital nevi (nevi is the plural of nevus) are more common in people with light coloured skin. They can …
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