sex cord stromal tumour

Sex cord-stromal tumour

What is a sex cord-stromal tumour? The term sex cord-stromal tumour (SCT) refers to a group of tumours that start from specialized sex cord or stromal cells normally found in the ovary. Types of ovarian tumours in this group include fibroma, thecoma, adult-type granulosa cell tumour, juvenile-type granulosa cell tumour, and Sertoli-Leydig cell tumour. Are …
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Granulosa cell tumour, adult type

What is an adult-type granulosa cell tumour? An adult-type granulosa cell tumour is a rare and slow-growing type of ovarian cancer. The tumour starts from specialized granulosa cells normally found in the ovary. Adult-type granulosa cell tumour is part of a group of ovarian tumours called sex cord-stromal tumours. What causes an adult-type granulosa cell …
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