Sebaceous glands

October 26, 2023

Sebaceous glands are a type of gland found in a part of the skin called the dermis.  These glands make and secrete a material called sebum which looks and feels like fat. Too much sebum can make our skin and hair feel greasy.

Sebaceous glands can be found all over the body although the greatest number are found on the face and scalp. These glands are not found on the palms of our hands or soles of our feet. Sebaceous glands are made up of cells called sebocytes. Under the microscope, sebocytes can be seen producing the fat that is used to make sebum.

What is the most common type of sebaceous gland cancer?

The most common type of cancer to develop from sebaceous glands is called sebaceous carcinoma. It is typically found on the head and neck with the most common location being around the eye.

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