bone tumour

Osteoid osteoma

An osteoid osteoma is a common type of non-cancerous bone tumour. These tumours are usually small (less than 2 cm) and are most frequently found in the bones of the legs, arms, spine, hands, and feet. They generally occur in children and young adults but can occasionally be found in older adults. The most common …
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Giant cell tumour of bone

Giant cell tumour (GCT) of bone is a common type of bone tumour. It can start in almost any bone in the body. Although most GCTs of bone are considered benign (non-cancerous) tumours, they are locally aggressive and large tumours can cause the surrounding bone to break. Some tumours may grow beyond the bone and …
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Chondrosarcoma is a type of cancer made up of cartilage. This kind of tumour can start within a bone or any other part of the body where cartilage is normally found. The most common locations for this tumour are the spine and pelvis. Non-bone sites of origin include the larynx. Chondrosarcoma typically affects older adults …
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Osteosarcoma is a type of bone cancer and the most common type of sarcoma to develop in a bone. Osteosarcomas more commonly affect teenagers but it can also affect adults. The most common site for osteosarcoma is the long bone of the thigh. Pathologists divide osteosarcomas into histologic types based on how the tumour cells …
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