October 27, 2023

What is SOX-10?

SOX-10 is a protein that is made by normal cells in the skin, salivary glands, and nerves. Tumours that start from these types of tissue may also make SOX10. Once the SOX-10 protein is made it is held in a part of the cell called the nucleus. The nucleus is an important part of the cell because it holds most of the cells’ genetic material (DNA).

Pathologists perform a test called immunohistochemistry (IHC) to ‘see’ cells producing SOX-10 in a tissue sample. This test allows them to identify normal SOX-10-producing cells and tumours that arise from these cells. Cells that produce this protein will be described as ‘positive’ while those that do not produce this produce will be described as ‘negative’.

Examples of tumours that are positive for SOX-10:

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