What is a spermatocele? A spermatocele is a non-cancerous fluid-filled space that develops in a part of the testicle called the epididymis. While most small spermatoceles will resolve on their own over time, large spermatoceles can cause pain and may need to be surgically removed. What causes a spermatocele? For most patients, a cause is …
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Yolk sac tumour of the testis

What is a yolk-sac tumour? Yolk-sac tumour is a type of cancer. In males, the tumour often starts in the testicle where it is part of a group of cancers known as germ-cell tumours. Yolk-sac tumour is the most common type of testicular tumour in young children and it typically responds well to chemotherapy. Germ …
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Mixed germ cell tumour of the testis

What is a mixed germ-cell tumour? A mixed germ-cell tumour is a type of cancer. In males, most mixed germ-cell tumours start in the testicles but they may be found anywhere in the body. Mixed germ-cell tumours usually occur in young adults and are rarely seen in prepubertal children or adults older than 50 years …
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