Papillary lesion

This article was reviewed and updated on December 18, 2018 by Adnan Karavelic, MD FRCPC Quick facts: Papillary lesion of the breast is a common category of disease that includes several related diagnoses. Papillary is a word pathologists use to describe a small finger like projection of tissue that has epithelial cells on the outside …
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Radial scar

This article was last reviewed and updated on April 10, 2019. by Kimberly Wood, MD MSc FRCPC Quick facts: A radial scar is non-cancerous growth that develops in the breast. It is made up of ducts and glands that surround a central scar. Radial scars are associated with a small increased risk of developing breast …
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What is a specimen?

In pathology, a specimen is anything that is removed or collected from the human body and sent to a laboratory so that it can be examined by a pathologist. A specimen could be a small piece of tissue or it could be an entire organ. A specimen could also be a fluid, such as blood …
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